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What We Do:
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Market Structure

We pioneered the field of market-structure analysis more than 20 years ago. We help clients navigate today’s complex, fragmented and automated markets.

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Equity REsearch

Our team of experienced TMT analysts, most of whom come from industry, have seen multiple cycles.

Rosenblatt’s 40th Anniversary Honored with Ringing of the NYSE Opening Bell

Execution services

Since inception, more than 40 years ago, Rosenblatt has been at the forefront of quality execution specifically tailored to each client’s individual needs.

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Investment Banking

Unequaled domain expertise and a laser focus on TMT and FinTech. We are dedicated to helping companies with their capital raising and M&A needs.

Rosenblatt Annual Conferences
Global Exchange Leader Conference Globe
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september 21, 2023
global exchange leader conference (16th annual)

Gathers an exclusive group for spirited debate and lively discussion of the industry's most-important topics.

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August 22-24, 2023
Technology Summit: The Age of AI (3rd annual)

Featuring fireside chats, 1x1s, and small group meetings with C-level management from companies with exposure to AI and executive/business unit AI experts.

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may 9-10, 2023
fintech summit (15th annual)

Brings together CEOs of leading FinTech companies and world-class investors who are transforming the financial sector.

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march 30, 2023
european market structure conference (13th annual)

Convenes top minds from the European trading and markets space for a forum to share insights on the future of the industry.

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