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Rosenblatt helped pioneer the field of market-structure analysis more than 15 years ago.We give clients the intelligence they need to navigate and thrive in ever-more complex, fragmented and automated markets, without conflicts that plague other brokers. This includes written reports, consulting engagements and special events, including our must-attend annual conferences in New York and London.

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how we can help you

Coping with Complexity: Trading markets have transformed dramatically in recent years. Once simple, slow and manual, they're now highly complex, fast and largely automated. No one knows more about how the landscape has changed — and what it means for traders — than our team of seasoned experts.

Keeping You Current: Today's complex market structure is also constantly changing. We stay on top of it all so you don’t miss anything.

Fiercely independent analysis from the industry’s best team
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The Team

Justin Schack, Head of Market Structure

  • 12 years covering market-structure transformation at Institutional Investor before joining Rosenblatt in 2008
  • Frequent conference speaker, widely quoted expert

Alex Kemmsies, Analyst

  • Joined Rosenblatt’s market structure team in 2009; special focus on monthly reports and data analysis

Valerie Bogard, Analyst

  • Joined Rosenblatt in 2018 after 5 years covering market structure & financial technology at TABB Group

Will Hadfield, Analyst (Europe)

  • Joined Rosenblatt in 2022 after 12 years covering market structure and trading for Bloomberg News and Risk
Pioneers in the field of Market Structure
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written work & events

Rosenblatt distributes eight monthly client reports:

  • Securities Volumes (US and EU editions)
  • Let There Be Light (dark-pool volumes & trends; US and EU editions)
  • Monthly ETF Review
  • Canadian Trading Monthly
  • Market Structure News Digest (Global and EU editions)

We also regularly produce special reports on hot regulatory and competitive topics.

Additionally, our world-renowned Global Exchange Leader Conference & European Market Structure Conference provide unparalleled educational and networking opportunities.

Must-Attend New York and London conferences


Venue Analysis & Analytics: We offer a range of bespoke services to help asset managers evaluate broker routing and execution quality. And we were selected by all US exchanges and FINRA to deliver the independent Tick Pilot assessment required by the SEC.

Strategic Consulting Engagements: We've consulted for a diverse array of clients, including exchanges, banks, asset managers, proprietary trading firms, regulators and industry associations. Engagements have included trading-platform and product design, pricing strategy, market intelligence and regulatory advice.