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Execution Services

Since inception, 40+ years, Rosenblatt has been at the forefront of quality execution specifically tailored to each client’s individual needs. Evolving with the markets, Rosenblatt has grown to cover the full spectrum of equity execution modalities, from the largest NYSE Floor Brokerage to unique low touch offerings. Our experienced trading team is supported by a best-in-class Market Structure department and in-house, dedicated Analytics and Operations teams, ensuring our clients are receiving the best service, comprehensively, for the life cycle of their trades.

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“Choosing Rosenblatt as a broker was one of the most profitable trades of my life: AJO executed more than a billion shares through Rosenblatt, worth tens of billions of dollars, representing 15% of all our trading, more than any other firm on Wall Street. Because AJO was unconflicted, never receiving a penny of soft-dollars, our trading was directed solely on account of your empirically verified superior trading results. Not only do I thank you, AJO’s clients thank you.”

Services / Desks

NYSE Floor Trading

The Floor of the New York Stock Exchange is the birthplace of Rosenblatt Securities and the bedrock of the US marketplace. The team of Rosenblatt Floor Brokers is the largest on the floor both by personnel and executed volumes. Here our team works deeply with some of the largest institutions in the world: Hedge Funds, Proprietary Traders, Bulge Bracket Banks and Sovereigns. Despite the continued electronification of the equities markets, Floor Brokers have distinct advantages on the NYSE allowing later closing auction entry and modification (dOrder) and enhanced priority in the order book (parity)

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HIgh Touch

Marrying high touch service and experience with industry leading analytics and optimal technology tools, Rosenblatt traders and sales traders leverage both internal and external tools to ensure our clients receive quality executions and exceptional service to meet a variety of individual needs and situations. Offering a variety of account set ups and services, we leverage the full team to get the client the results they deserve.

low touch

Rosenblatt approaches its low touch offering with same degree of service, thought and focus as its more traditional, hands-on execution desks. Likewise, Rosenblatt maintains its commitment to being a true agent by providing pass-thru execution access to some of the biggest electronic execution products on the Street. Our traders will monitor your orders, advise on strategies and parameters and provide quantitative feedback. We consistently monitor, assess and optimize our offering both quantitatively and qualitatively to ensure we are providing a manicured solution for our clients.

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