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Hudson River Trading (HRT) Case Study 2021: Explorations into the Firm's European Trading Operations, US Equity & Equity Option Strategies, Comparative Analysis

July 15, 2021
Markets Insider

"The Rise of Hudson River Trading",the publisher adds another leading proprietary trading firm - and recent entrant to the $1 billion+ trading revenue club (2020e) - to its library focused on the most secretive and consequential players in the global markets ecosystem.

Notable highlights include:

  • The history of Sun Trading and the impacts of its acquisition by Hudson River Trading (HRT) in Q1 2018, and explorations into the firm's European trading operations;
  • US equity and equity option strategies;
  • Comparative analysis with select competitors, and;
  • Revenue estimation, among many other details.

As if on cue, and apropos of the times, a tweet by Joe Gawronski, President of Rosenblatt Securities states that December 24, 2020 marked the first time ever that off-exchange trading represented the majority of US equity volume (50.38%).

Rewinding from there to a Reuters article dated January 16, 2018 entitled "Hudson River Trading to buy rival HFT firm Sun Trading", HRT's co-founder and director, Jason Carroll, said in a statement, "This acquisition combines HRT's expertise in on-exchange trading with Sun's expertise in off-exchange trading creating a stronger, more diverse firm."

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