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5 Best Short-Term Stocks to Buy in September 2021

September 15, 2021
Sean Horgan
Economy Watch

US stock markets are outperforming most other global markets in 2021 like they did last year. While stocks have come off their highs, they still trade close to records. While most observers advise long-term investing, there can be good short-term trading opportunities in the markets. Here are the five best short-term stocks to buy in September 2021.

Why SoFi looks like a good short-term stock to buy

There are a couple of reasons why SoFi looks like a good short-term stock to buy. Firstly, the stock’s valuation multiples look attractive as compares to other fintech names. The stock could play a catch-up trade to other fintech stocks in the short term. Also, the company is expected to get a bank charter which could be another short-term price driver.

Rosenblatt analyst Sean Horgan, who is bullish on SOFI and has a $30 target price, believes that SOFI is well-positioned to get a bank charter. According to Horgan, “SOFI direct deposit is just scratching the surface.” However, he adds, “if/when SOFI receives a bank license, there will be a step-function change in the differentiation it can add.”

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