Our Culture


A company’s “culture” is an odd thing — vital to its success, yet difficult to define and even harder to control. Probably the biggest influence on how a company feels to employees, customers and the wider world is its people. Owners and managers, for example, set formal policies and make personnel decisions. More importantly, through their day-to-day actions, they set the tone for the rest of the firm to follow. And every single person in the organization feeds back into that culture through behavior toward colleagues, clients and community. 

At Rosenblatt Securities we strive, first and foremost, to foster a culture of integrity and independence, in which doing the right thing leads to doing well by our clients and for ourselves and the firm. We believe in the Golden Rule and good karma.  Like we and many other parents tell their kids, we firmly believe our reputation means everything. 

When given the choice between bigger profits and what’s good for our employees, customers or the capital markets in general, we choose the latter.

We’re still fiercely competitive and driven to win, just not at any cost. When given the choice between bigger profits and what’s good for our employees, customers or the capital markets in general, we choose the latter. We care immensely about doing what’s right for our customers. We fight for them not only on a trade-by-trade basis, but also in our advocacy for transparent, fair and strong capital markets. And even though we’re passionate about what we do, we’ve never really been the folks to swing for the fences. That measured approach to risk-taking has helped us survive many economic cycles and competitive transformations in five different decades. But we also believe that embracing change, seeing opportunities in disruption, and innovating have allowed us to thrive. 

We also believe that work, occupying so much of our waking hours, should be fun. That means hiring passionate, talented people with positive attitudes, who treat colleagues and customers with respect and decency, and tolerating nothing less from anyone in the firm. It also means encouraging creative approaches to both our core businesses and new opportunities, without the stifling bureaucracy and internecine politics that can hinder bigger organizations. We like to make sure that coming to work actually “puts a smile” on everyone’s face, in an oft-repeated phrase of our founder Dick Rosenblatt. 

And we recognize there’s a lot more to life than work. We honor family time and want our people to have rich, full lives out of the office, so they can come to work refreshed and ready to give their all. We count accomplished amateur musicians, artists, ballroom dancers, athletes, Ironmen, pilots, and writers among our ranks at Rosenblatt. And we believe in giving back

Most importantly, as we continue to grow, we seek to protect at every turn this culture we’ve carefully cultivated over nearly four decades as a boutique.