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Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest

Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest
  • Retail customers develop an appetite for blue chips, further dispelling the myth that institutional investors aren’t affected by surging individual-trader activity and the related rise in off-exchange market share
  • Google parent Alphabet announces a stock split, highlighting the effect share prices have on asset-owner transaction costs, including bid-ask spreads
  • In an early response to the “meme-stock” volatility of early 2021, the SEC proposes shortening the US equities settlement cycle from two days to one
  • With further equity-market-structure reforms expected from the SEC in coming months, Nasdaq releases a far-reaching white paper containing proposals on everything from harmonizing tick sizes to treating “actionable IOIs” as quotations
  • The Dutch national regulator warns that payment-for-order-flow arrangements, which have drawn fresh scrutiny as part of the SEC’s equity-market-structure review in the US, lead to worse outcomes for European retail investors
  • Congress’ biggest proponent of financial transaction taxes announces his retirement
  • Trading firms continue to send demand for data specialists and other technologists to rarely seen heights
  • Traditional exchange groups make a series of moves to strike back at fast-growing, highly valued cryptocurrency-market startups
  • As market participants and government continue to wrestle with crypto regulation, the SEC takes two bold steps to assert its authority over the burgeoning market

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