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Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest

Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest
  • As retail DIY traders party on, NYSE surveys the industry about whether the bar should stay open all night
  • The growing chorus of anti-index-fund Pharisees blames rising closing-auction market share for damaging the wider market
  • IEX’s new “maker" rebates get bigger for some securities
  • Market-making titan Citadel Securities moves algorithm testing to Google’s cloud
  • Why Howard Lutnick is likely to fail — again — in his latest tilt at CME’s imperial futures windmill
  • Cboe joins Nasdaq against hijacking a tick-size-reform rule to impose an across-the-board slashing of the Reg NMS access-fee cap
  • What the SEC’s voluntary stay of its controversial climate rule may say about the rest of its market-structure agenda
  • Wall Street powerhouses can’t get enough of AI, or the people and data required to make it work
  • Bitcoin’s bull market isn’t benefiting everyone in the space

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