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Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest

Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest
  • Amid signs that retail participation in cash equities is cooling, brokers seek to keep individual traders engaged with zero-days-to-expiry options
  • A growing chorus of market participants bemoans the rising portion of US equities trading in sub-dollar stocks; But is it really a problem policymakers need to fix?
  • The SEC finally moves to enact the least controversial of the four equity-market-structure proposals it floated in December 2022; What will election-year politics mean for the rest of the sweeping, controversial reform package?
  • The SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee gives reform advocates a platform to discuss bitterly contested equity-market-structure proposals, including a plan to force retail orders into fair-access auctions before they can be internalized
  • Opponents’ months of lobbying against the SEC’s plan to rein in financial-industry “digital engagement practices” may be starting to bear fruit
  • One of SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s division directors announces he’ll leave the agency; Are more senior-staff departures on the way?
  • Financial-services firms race to gobble up AI talent, while worrying about potential indigestion
  • Market participants and regulators alike continue to cope with the after-effects of this year’s bitcoin ETF approvals

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