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Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest

Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest
  • Is the great retail tide in US equity markets finally about to ebb, and how low might it go?
  • A late-day outage prevents the London Stock Exchange from holding a closing auction for a host of small-company shares
  • The SEC shortens the reporting period for large beneficial owners of US stocks, the agency’s latest “modernization” of decades-old rules…
  • …Even as it strictly interprets half-century-old legislative language to ban exchange fee tiers; But will this curious, ill-advised idea actually happen?
  • Is the SEC's softening of proposed securities-lending-disclosure rules a glimmer of what’s to come on controversial market-structure-reform plans?
  • Illinois’ business-friendly billionaire governor puts his foot down on Chicago’s potential transaction-fee-tax
  • European regulators play catch-up and market participants scramble to cope with the US’s move to T+1 settlement
  • Wall Street tries to balance the promise and limitations of artificial intelligence in trading markets
  • Recent court rulings spur hope in the cryptocurrency-trading industry

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