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Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest

Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest
  • Retail investors appear to pull back from stocks, but are still participating at levels far higher than before the 2019-20 surge
  • Why the craze for zero-days-to-expiration options has market pros scratching their heads — and many retail traders losing money
  • Virtu CEO Doug Cifu accuses SEC Chair Gary Gensler of using proposed equity-market reforms to end direct retail trading in favor of “woke” public and private asset managers
  • The US Department of Justice weighs in on Gensler’s sweeping proposed changes to equity-market-structure rules
  • SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw pushes for equity-like oversight of fixed-income and listed options
  • European self-flagellation over capital-markets weakness produces two different proposed approaches
  • Firms continue to make progress toward adapting generative AI to trading, even as worried regulators ready limits on the technology
  • A political stalemate threatens to drive cryptocurrency markets out of the US — and that would be just fine by many policymakers and ordinary Americans

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