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Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest

Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest
  • A new survey suggests retail investors are pulling back their market participation because of inflation
  • The NYSE lists its first ETF in 15 years
  • The SEC gets closer to releasing a raft of equity-market-structure reforms and presses brokers on detailing payment-for-order flow arrangements…
  • …As opponents of its agenda prospectively retaliate with a federal lawsuit and creative punditry
  • The European Union seeks a compromise on payment-for-order flow regulations
  • Canadian regulators seek comment on potential market-data reforms
  • Regulators set their sights on broadening Treasury market participation
  • The crypto meltdown and Silicon Valley layoffs may be a rare opportunity for Wall Street to recruit top tech talent
  • FTX’s warp-speed implosion sends cryptocurrency markets reeling

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