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Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest - European Edition

Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest - European Edition
  • The London Stock Exchange has three IPOs in the offing, but it’s too early to claim that the UK’s primary markets have turned a corner.
  • The likely winner of the UK’s impending general election wants a more "co-operative approach to working with the EU" on financial-services regulation; that’s the opposite of regulatory divergence.
  • Optiver and Flow Traders have been fined for naked short-selling by Italy’s markets regulator. Little wonder that Optiver prefers EU-level, rather than national-level, oversight.
  • ESMA makes the case that Euronext and Nasdaq need a single regulator. That would mean different standards for big and small EU stock exchanges.
  • The EU regulator is also seeking views on how much the provider of the equities consolidated tape should charge for its price feed.
  • US ATS operators are eyeing the European equity market. The lack of a strict best-execution rule means they face an uphill task persuading smaller brokers to trade with them.

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