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Let There Be Light - European Edition

Let There Be Light - European Edition
  • The 42 alternative venues we track executed 17.70% of pan-European on-venue turnover in March, down 68 bps m/m (+155 bps y/y)
  • Together, the venues in our universe executed €8.95 billion per day, up 2.73% m/m (-20.90% y/y). Total on-venue (including displayed) trading climbed 6.70% m/m (-27.83% y/y), to €50.54 billion. Our universe accounted for 11.77% of consolidated turnover, including on-venue and OTC, down 65 bps m/m
  • ELP SIs gained 2 bps of on-venue market share in March, but came close to accounting for a record share of overall SI trading because of a pullback by bank SIs
  • The European Union’s institutions, meeting in Strasbourg to agree on the MiFID review, are considering three proposals to regulate SIs trading at midpoint

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