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Canadian Trading Monthly

Canadian Trading Monthly
  • The 235 equities listed in both Canada and the US had average daily volume across both countries of 700.0 million shares in July (-2.16% m/m).
  • Of this total, 436.7 million (+6.91% m/m) traded in the US and 263.3 million (-14.23% m/m) in Canada, for a US-CAD split of 62.4%-37.6%, compared with 57.1%-42.9% in July.
  • The US OTC market traded 1.71% of the total value in single-listed Canadian securities, down 8 bps m/m.
  • Market-wide Canadian ADV (including single-listed names) fell 16.08% m/m (-11.84% y/y), to 912.7 million shares.
  • Dark-pool market share jumped 40 bps m/m (+61 bps y/y) in July, to 4.93%.

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