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Replay of Fireside Chat With FalconX CEO Discussing Institutional Crypto

CEO of leading Crypto platform used by 425 institutions discusses market structure, trends, and challenges in Crypto

The Crypto and DeFi markets are one of the most fascinating parts of the global financial services industry and within that, the growing share of institutional participation is one of the biggest drivers of change. This Rosenblatt Crypto Series discussion is with Raghu Yarlagadda, Co-Founder and CEO of FalconX, an institutional one stop-shop for Crypto and Digital Assets and one of the fastest-growing companies in business today. In just over 3 years, Raghu and his team have built FalconX into a Crypto powerhouse with over 400 institutional clients worldwide, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in top-line revenue with high margin, valued at $3.75Billion in their Series C round last August.

Raghu shares his perspective on four issues:

  • Where the Crypto, Digital Asset and DeFi markets are in their growth today, and key comparisons with Equities
  • First-hand perspectives about what institutions are actually doing with Crypto, and what’s motivating them (Inflation hedge, Alpha opportunity, Balance sheet optimization)
  • Going behind the scenes into the FalconX platform, what’s the magic that helps them deliver good, reliable pricing by aggregating liquidity across multiple venues
  • The institutional challenges with Crypto, what Regulators are most worried about, and how to address Structural problems in this sector.

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