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FinTech Analyst Andrew Bond | Equities Leaders Summit

FinTech Analyst Andrew Bond | Equities Leaders Summit

Rosenblatt FinTech Analyst Andrew Bond be speaking at the Equities Leaders Summit Panel on January 30th from 3:40 PM ET.

Panel: How the Growth in Digital Assets Trading Impacts Market Structure and Trading Practices in Comparison to More Traditional Assets

The rapid growth of digital asset trading has sparked a revolution in financial markets. Join our panel of industry-leading experts as they dissect how this explosive growth is reshaping market structures and trading practices compared to traditional assets. We'll explore the unique challenges and opportunities presented by digital assets, the impact on liquidity dynamics, and the evolving regulatory landscape. Gain valuable insights into the strategies that are driving success in this dynamic ecosystem and discover how traditional asset trading is adapting in response

Event Date:
January 30, 2024
Event Location:
Miami, Fl
Event Type:
Industry Event
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