Brian NigitoJane Street

Brian Nigito

Senior Technologist

Jane Street

Brian Nigito is a senior technologist at Jane Street. In this role, Brian has worked on all aspects of Trading Systems.

Brian is a 20 year veteran of the financial services industry. He has held a wide variety of high level positions including Chief Software Architect at the Island ECN, Chief Technology Officer at lnet ATS, Inc., and Director of High Frequency Trading at Citadel. He was also responsible for building and creating the trading systems used at lnstinet Inc. and Chi-X Europe Ltd. At GETCO, he led and managed the firm's New York operations in which he was instrumental in growing the firm's involvement in US Equities options.

Brian holds a BS from Stevens Institute of Technology. He has served on NASDAO's Quality of Markets Committee, NYSE's Electronic Traders Advisory Committee, CBOE's Equity Advisory Committee, and as a board member of the Member's Exchange.