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Chipper Cash is Africa’s modern mobile payments platform. Chipper Cash helps friends, families and loved ones stay connected and securely send money across Africa with incredible ease and peace of mind. Chipper Cash’s cross-border payments infrastructure also helps merchants and businesses in Africa accept payments on the internet with no friction. Chipper Cash was launched in 2018 and currently has over 3 million users. In November 2021, Chipper Cash completed a $150 Million Series C round led by FTX which valued the company at $2 Billion. The November Series C brings Chipper Cash’s total capital raised to $305M with investments from Silicon Valley Bank, Jeff Bezos, Joe Montana and some of the most reputable fintech Venture Capital firms in the world. Chipper Cash has close to 300 employees and is headquartered in San Francisco, but is a global company with Chipper employees based in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, the UK, South Africa, Australia, Colombia, Tanzania, Canada and more.

Chipper Cash