Yuval Rooz

Digital Asset

Yuval is a visionary leader at the intersection of finance and technology.

Under Yuval’s leadership, Digital Asset has grown from a fledgling start up to a leading enterprise blockchain company whose technology is used by top institutions and market infrastructures around the globe. With a vision for a world where businesses seamlessly connect regardless of the underlying technology, he is taking Digital Asset to the next level by creating new networks of value that will fundamentally change the future of business and how companies interact.

Previously, Yuval managed an algorithmic trading desk at DRW Trading and he launched DRW Venture Capital as a member of the firm’s investment team. He also worked as a developer at Citadel.

Yuval serves on the Board of Directors of the Global Blockchain Business Council and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He is based at the company’s headquarters in New York City.


Digital Asset

Digital Asset offers distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions to financial institutions including banks, exchanges, and market infrastructure providers. The company's platform, Daml, enables the issuance, transfer, and settlement of digital assets. DAML is interoperable across different blockchain networks and can be used to create applications for securities trading, supply chain management, and other use cases. Goldman Sach’s new digital asset (tokenization) platform GS DAP which just went live, is developed on the DAML smart contract language and Canton, its privacy-enabled Blockchain.