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Simone MainiElliptic

Simone Maini


Simone guides and operationalizes Elliptic’s vision to enable customers to efficiently manage cryptoasset risk, grow business, and meet regulatory obligations.  She is a leading voice on financial crime prevention and compliance operations in the cryptoasset community. Simone has held senior roles in investment banking, financial crime, and risk at Kroll and Deutsche Bank and has a BA in History from the University of Cambridge.



Elliptic brings compliance to Cryptoassets with a mission of preventing financial crime in crypto markets, and helping firms adhere to AML and other compliance rules. It’s blockchain monitoring technology provides data and analytic services on blockchain regulatory matters, enabling financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to identify illicit activity on the blockchain. Its clients include prominent players in the crypto space including Binance, BitGo, Coinbase, Poloniex and Stellar. The firm claims to have the most accurate blockchain dataset with 10 billion data points utilized to monitor 100+ cryptoassets. The firm is headquartered in London with offices around the world.