Matt Harris

Bain Capital Ventures

Matt is a Partner at Bain Capital Ventures in New York City and focuses on investments in financial technology and services. For 30 years, Matt Harris has been investing in the visionary fintech founders creating seismic changes in payments, lending, capital markets, insurance and real estate. He is particularly interested in backing companies building next-generation embedded fintech tools that will upend traditional banking, lending and B2B payments through increased transparency and security. A few of his highlight investments are Billtrust, Corvus, Digital Currency Group, Flywire, GoCardless, iex, and Justworks. Matt started his investing career at Bain Capital in 1995, having worked previously at Bain & Company, and attended Williams College, where he majored in political economy (with a minor in rugby). In 2000, Matt founded Village Ventures, which he ran for 12 years and where he focused on early-stage fintech investing. In 2012 he rejoined Bain Capital Ventures. 


Bain Capital Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in startups in the technology, healthcare, and business services sectors. Founded in 1984, the firm is headquartered in Boston. They have invested in companies such as Billtrust, Corvus, Digital Currency Group, Finix, and Openfin among others, and it typically invests in early-stage startups as well as growth-stage companies. The firm's approach to investment involves providing not only financial support but also strategic guidance and operational support to help companies achieve their growth objectives. In addition to its venture capital activities, It also operates a seed-stage investment program called the BCV Labs, which focuses on supporting early-stage startups in the technology sector.