Tech Summit

Phil Gray

Chief Innovation Officer

Phil leads innovation initiatives at Interactions, collaborating with customers and partners to create and operationalize disruptive technology inventions that transform customer experience. He has extensive experience with Conversational AI and customer experience technologies. Prior to joining Interactions, Phil founded and led Versay, a natural language, speech applications company. He also held leadership roles at Nuance and Eloyalty.



We were founded on the belief that every conversation is an opportunity, whether it’s to build trust, provide assistance, get advice, share information or find out something new. It’s important to get it right — every time.

At Interactions, we help leading brands have millions of productive conversations with their busy customers every day, no matter if they’re talking, tapping, typing or swiping. And along the way, we’re creating happier, more loyal customers and saving businesses millions of dollars.

We’ve been expanding what’s possible in customer sales, service and support since 2004. With our Adaptive Understanding™ technology, we were the first to commercialize truly omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistants that combine artificial intelligence and human understanding. The result? Conversational, engaging interactions across channels. Vastly improved self-service. Customers and businesses getting more done in less time.