Tech Summit

Mike Foliano


As SVP of Adtran, Mike is responsible for the company’s global facilities, human resources and legal teams. As CFO, he oversees all financial aspects of Adtran’s operations. Mike’s long-standing interests include systems engineering and financial strategies designed to drive business improvement. Prior to becoming Adtran’s SVP and CFO, he was the company’s SVP of services and support, and before that, he was SVP of global operations. Mike has accumulated a wealth of experience across many different roles in his 35 years working in the ICT industry. He has held positions at AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Somera Communications. Across all these different roles, his responsibilities have included managing global production, logistics, financial planning, supply chain planning, procurement, and investor relations. Mike holds a B.S. in industrial and systems engineering from Ohio University, an M.S. from Purdue University, and an M.S. in management from Stanford University.



We announced our business combination with ADVA to create a global leader in scalable, end-to-end fiber networking solutions for communication service providers, enterprises and government customers. The merger unites our fiber access, fiber extension, and subscriber connectivity technology with ADVA’s innovation in data center interconnect solutions for large enterprises, business Ethernet and network synchronization. Both companies are pioneers in open, disaggregated solutions with a shared vision for the future of fiber networking. Our combined business will offer a comprehensive portfolio for providing homes, businesses and 5G infrastructure with scalable, secure and assured fiber connectivity, paired with cloud-managed Wi-Fi connectivity and SaaS applications. Together we will be a trusted supplier to more customers worldwide, meeting new requirements, optimizing network performance and improving customer experience.      

Our story is one of entrepreneurship and innovation. Over the last 25 years, strategic acquisitions have also kept Adtran one step ahead of a fast-evolving industry, further boosting our mission to make communications simpler and more affordable for everyone, everywhere. Today, digitalization is transforming global society, and with Gigabit connectivity a key driver of economic growth, our diverse, innovative product line of software and hardware-based communications solutions means we’re well-positioned to remain a market leader for the next 25 years. Here’s our story so far.