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Michael Weening

President & CEO

Michael was promoted to president and CEO of Calix in September 2022. He brings more than 20 years of experience leading growth, strategy and transformation to his role as President and CEO. Michael most recently served as the Company’s President and Chief Operating Officer since January 2021. Michael joined Calix from Salesforce where he served as the senior vice president of Global Customer Success and senior vice president, Japan and Asia-Pacific Customer Success, Services and Alliances.

Over the span of his career, Michael has held executive positions in North America, Europe and Asia. Previously, Michael held leadership roles at Bell Mobility in Canada, where he was vice president of business and consumer sales. Michael also held sales leadership roles at Microsoft, in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, from Brock University supported by ongoing executive education at Queens, Wharton and USC.



Calix, Inc. is a telecommunications company that specializes in providing software platforms, systems, and services to support the delivery of broadband services. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in San Jose, California.[1]

Calix provides cloud, software platforms, systems and services to communications service providers.

Calix maintains facilities in Petaluma, CA, Minneapolis, MN, San Jose, CA, Richardson, TX in the USA and facilities in Nanjing, China and Bangalore, India.