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Geoff Tate

Flex Logix

BSc, Computer Science, University of Alberta. MBA Harvard. MSEE (coursework), Santa Clara University. 1979-1990 AMD, Senior VP, Microprocessors and Logic with >500 direct reports. 1990 joined 2 PhD founders as founding CEO to grow Rambus from 4 people to IPO to $2 Billion market cap, till 2005.


Flex Logix

Flex Logix is a reconfigurable computing company providing AI inference and eFPGA solutions based on software, systems and silicon. Its InferX X1 is the industry's fastest and most-efficient AI edge inference accelerator that will bring AI to the masses in high-volume applications by providing much higher inference throughput per dollar and per watt. Flex Logix's eFPGA platform enables chips flexibly handle changing protocols, standards, algorithms, and customer needs and to implement reconfigurable accelerators that speed key workloads 30-100x compared to processors. Flex Logix is headquartered in Mountain View, California with offices as well in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit