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Levels for Tuesday

Dec 11, 2017

Markets across the board, except in Small Cap, converted their Weekly Up / Down Magnets to close at or near new highs. 

Strength was noted in Technology, Utilities, Discretionary and Health Care; whereas, weakness was noted in Volatility, Bonds, Microcaps, Industrials, and Small Caps.

Biotech and FinTech (Blockchain name change darling RIOT) were some of the more notable and volatile plays in our activity monitor.

Bias remans Up over 2660

Turning to Bitcoin.


Markets were extremely volatile last night as the Future traded at a premium to cash, and traded up as high as 26%.

The Informed Liquidity Ratio is a strong 55.2% BUY.

While speculators reign and arbitragers watch and wait (perhaps for options), I am reminded of the great work from Carlota Perez.

We are in the Frenzy Stage. A decoupling of the real from the paper which ultimately will lead to a collapse and then a recovery.  

Just like Web 1.0.  

This is an an exciting and important evolutionary step to eventual widespread deployment.  

Here are computed levels based on Bitcoin, so carry adjustments are required for the futures.

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