Coronavirus Update, Peloton’s $1,000 Value Bike (Podcast)

May 22, 2020
Bernie McTernan
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Dr. Ian Lustbader, Clinical Professor of Medicine at NYU, provides a coronavirus and vaccine update. Bloomberg Businessweek Feature Writer Ashlee Vance joins to discuss his story on Elon Musk speaking frankly on the coronavirus, SpaceX, and his tweets. We get Businessweek Economics with Jeffrey Cleveland, Chief Economist at Payden & Rygel. He walks through Fed policy updates and the potential for negative rates. Bernie McTernan, Analyst at Rosenblatt Securities, shares his insight on Peloton’s $1,000 value bike. And we Drive to the Close with Larry Pitkowsky, Co-Managing Partner at Goodhaven Capital Management. Hosts: Carol Massar and Jason Kelly. Producer: Doni Holloway.

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