4 Likely 5G Winners from President Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

June 22, 2020
Ryan Koontz
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Yahoo Finance

By now, I'm assuming you've heard about President Trump's plan to jump-start the U.S. economy by spending $1 trillion on an "infrastructure plan." You really should have heard of it by now... because he's been promising it for about four straight years. But could 2020, with its arrival of a coronavirus and a recession that's cost more than 40 million Americans their jobs, be the year that it finally happens?


In Rosenblatt's latest report on the subject, analyst Ryan Koontz admits that there have been "years of infrastructure talk from all sides and surprisingly little to show for it." But he also argues that passing an infrastructure bill, as an economic stimulus measure to get people back to work and help restart the economy, "makes sense" and is "broadly favored in public polling," suggesting that 2020 could be the year there's enough public support to get such a plan through Congress.

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