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US Securities Volumes

US Securities Volumes

October 2, 2018

Some highlights:

  • Volumes increased broadly, bolstered in part by multiple derivatives expirations, or a “quadruple witching day,” on September 21; the VIX average daily close gained 2.90% m/m (+23.69% y/y) to 12.91.
  • Equities ADV increased 12.23% m/m (+10.18% y/y), to 6.89 billion; year-to-date ADV is up 5.35% y/y.
  • The percentage of equities volume done in block size fell 20 bps m/m, to 9.50%.
  • NYSE market share rose 142 bps m/m; Cboe EDGX market share fell 56 bps.
  • NYSE National market share hit 99 bps, continuing to expand on ETP trading following its May re-launch.
  • ETP ADV rose 5.51% m/m (+14.69% y/y) to 1.18bn, comprising 17.18% of equity ADV (-109 bps m/m).
  • Equity-options ADV grew 1.69% m/m (+20.34% y/y), to 17.0mn; year-to-date ADV is up 21.73% y/y.
  • PHLX gained 118 bps of equity-options market share m/m; NYSE Arca lost 86 bps.
  • Index-options ADV increased 3.06% m/m (-11.64% y/y), to 1.89 mn.
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