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Rosenblatt's Market Structure News Digest

October 28, 2021

·  A startup seeks to become a 24/7 US stock exchange

·  Cboe launches “nano”-sized index options for today’s zero-commission, fractional-share, low-account-balance retail trading crowd

·  The Tokyo Stock Exchange rolls out narrower minimum price increments for certain blue chips, as US market participants and regulators continue to consider tick-size reforms

·  NYSE President Stacey Cunningham likens public exchanges battling more-lightly regulated off-board rivals to a drugged bull at a bullfight

·  Are retail “apes” only sabotaging themselves by taking their meme stocks out of “street name” to foil short sellers?

·  The SEC’s so-called GameStop report leaves many in the audience wanting more

·  Citadel CEO Ken Griffin says regulators banning PFOF will save his wholesaling unit a ton of money

·  The road to a European consolidated tape nears a bumpy end

·  Banks plow money into AI, seeking to catch up with quants and prop firms

·  The long-running debate about what path cryptocurrency regulation should take intensifies, as a bitcoin futures ETF debuts

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