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October 31, 2019

• Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing walks away from its daring unsolicited bid for London Stock Exchange Group

• Two other European exchanges show that smaller M&A is alive and kicking despite the troubles facing megamergers

• Online brokers race to charge zero commissions, despite declines in payment-for-order-flow rates in recent years

• A Vanity Fair article implies potential insider trading on Trump trade announcements, and the the Street’s out-of-proportion backlash

• Reading the tea leaves in judges’ questions during oral arguments in major US exchanges’ suit to stop the SEC’s Transaction Fee Pilot

• The SEC hits back at effective-upon-filing fee hikes for US consolidated equity data feeds

• Why adding odd-lot information to the US SIPs could be a stealth OPR repeal pilot

• The SEC asks market participants for ideas about how to improve market quality for thinly traded equities

• Regulators and Silicon Valley heavyweights discuss alternatives to IPOs for private companies seeking public listings

• How an expose of identity theft in federal-agency comment-letter processes raises questions about anonymous and pseudonymous market-structure commenters

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