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April 30, 2019

• Nasdaq’s new blueprint for US equity market-structure reforms
• How continued hard times for big-bank equity trading units are driving agitation for regulatory relief and could soon hit an even bigger cash cow: investment banking
• Virtu’s CEO hints that the new Members Exchange may one day cross the Atlantic
• The latest in the Euronext/Nasdaq battle for Oslo Børs
• Deutsche Börse’s busy month of M&A activity and boardroom intrigue
• A cannabis price-tracking firm pushes weed futures, but will traders inhale?
• A new Democratic SEC commissioner is appointed, while the other plans his exit
• The stated top agenda items at the SEC and House Financial Services Committee continue to exclude equity market structure reforms
• How the spread of the EU’s research-unbundling rules continue to cause pain for intermediaries globally
• How a looming SEC approval could open the floodgates for actively managed equity ETPs
• The latest on the substantial promise and equally pithy pitfalls of AI in financial services
• More on the continued push-pull of progress and roadblocks for cryptocurrency markets, including new SEC guidance and setbacks for Coinbase and Bakkt

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