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December 20, 2018

• US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin pointing fingers at market structure and the Volcker Rule to explain recent market volatility
• Nasdaq upping its bid to take over Swedish tech vendor Cinnober
• A proposed connection between UK and Chinese stock markets hits a delay
• The SEC adopting a controversial pilot program to impose greater restrictions on what exchanges can charge for trade-matching services
• Canadian regulators proposing a marketplace-fee pilot similar to the US plan, but also planning tighter restrictions on dark trading
• Big banks attempting to slip free of the Volcker Rule by exploiting vague language in legislation from earlier this year to relax portions of Dodd-Frank
• A Silicon Valley-backed upstart files with the SEC to become a national securities exchange
• The potential impact of new rules designed to promote research on ETPs
• The latest on how capital-markets participants are deploying artificial intelligence

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