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May 27, 2021
  • Reddit traders appear to be moving from meme stocks to cryptocurrencies — and taking record equity volume and off-exchange market share with them
  • Why predictions of steep interest-rate increases could bode well for US equity volume
  • Berkshire Hathaway’s Brobdignagian stock price presents computer problems, but also could be artificially inflating the cost to buy and sell the company’s shares
  • Rival European markets Cboe and Aquis develop plans to better cope with listing-market outages
  • As new SEC Chair Gary Gensler examines off-exchange trading, giant market-maker Citadel proposes policy reforms that would give exchanges a competitive boost
  • Nasdaq wins approval to let companies raise new capital with direct listings
  • Is an SEC fine in the “volmageddon” episode a sign of stricter regulation to come for index providers?
  • ESG disclosure issues continue to compete with equity market structure on the SEC’s agenda
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to make inroads on Wall Street
  • Cryptocurrency markets cope with rising volatility and volume, as regulators keep an increasingly close watch

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