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March 31, 2021
  • The new army of pandemic retail traders is sending mixed signals about how long it plans to stick around
  • IEX makes a major fee-schedule change, adopting different pricing for “makers” and “takers” for the first time
  • Cboe’s acquisition of Chi-X Asia Pacific marks the end of two eras
  • Investors begin to sour on the London Stock Exchange Group’s mammoth Refinitiv acquisition
  • Cboe gets the SEC nod to begin periodic-auction trading on its BYX US equities exchange
  • Why GE’s planned reverse stock split underscores the need for tick-size reform
  • Events since Gary Gensler’s January 18 nomination to lead the SEC are putting equity-market-structure issues on his plate whether he likes it or not
  • Why the “meme-stock” frenzy, plus some unexpected political machinations, may be boosting the likelihood of Congress adopting a financial-transaction tax
  • FINRA warns US brokers to expect more extraordinary volatility and ensure continuous customer access to markets
  • With bitcoin again hitting new highs, major banks seek to get more involved

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