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February 26, 2021

• Sparks fly at the first of three planned Congressional hearings on the recent extreme volatility in GameStop and other social-media-driven “meme” stocks

• Will the GameStop saga land a Tyson-like blow to incoming SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s agenda?

• Major exchanges again sue the SEC, this time to stop a 900-page rule overhauling consolidated market-data feeds

• New York-based financial institutions band together to fight a potential state transaction tax

• Nasdaq’s proposed board-diversity rules for listed companies become a political football

• Why exchanges are still faring well in today’s markets despite record off-board market share in equities

• The London Stock Exchange Group, having finally acquired Refinitiv, gets ready to take on Bloomberg

• Tradeweb gets bigger in US Treasuries as bond markets’ march toward automation accelerates

• Financial institutions learn the hard way to coordinate their FinTech exploits

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