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December 18, 2020

• The London Stock Exchange Group appears poised to win regulatory approval for its $27 billion buyout of data giant Refinitiv

• IEX all but eliminates its delay on outbound data and order messages

• Cboe eclipses Nasdaq as the second-biggest listing market for US ETPs

• Barclays becomes the first — but likely not the last — bank to launch a single-dealer platform

• After the SEC adopts his signature SIP Infrastructure rules, Brett Redfearn announces the end of an extraordinarily active and controversial tenure as Trading & Markets Division head

• Rep. Maxine Waters releases a set of priorities for her second term running the House Financial Services Committee that does not include equity-market-structure items

• Global regulatory umbrella agency IOSCO takes up the market-data mantle

• HFTs finally win a long, hard battle with the CFTC regarding their trading source code

• The UK announces surprise plans to relax dark-trading rules for EU-listed stocks in the event of a no-deal Brexit

• Financial institutions turn to financial technology to help position them for uncertain pandemic times

• Even as Bitcoin prices set records, the regulatory outlook for cryptocurrencies remains uncertain

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