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November 30, 2018

• Virtu Financial’s move to proactively address buy-side concerns over its proposed ITG buyout
• Deutsche Bank’s reported $60 million in central-risk-book losses
• UK antitrust authorities take a look at Nasdaq’s latest proposed acquisition
• Some important historical context in the intensifying broker vs. exchange market-structure wars
• Debate over the SEC’s controversial Transaction Fee Pilot shifts to an agency study of how the Tick-Size Pilot affected corporate issuers
• What the historic midterm election results may mean for market-structure legislation and regulation
• Independent research shops Autonomous and Liberum find themselves acquisition targets as the industry and regulators alike continue to adapt to new EU commission-unbundling rules
• The continued advances of artificial intelligence into tasks long performed by humans on Wall Street
• Governments around the world grapple with striking the right balance between fostering financial-technology innovation and investor protection
• Cryptocurrency markets’ struggle for legitimacy amid plunging prices and intensifying regulatory scrutiny

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