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September 30, 2020

• The field of US stock exchanges expands to 16 with launches by MEMX, MIAX and LTSE

• The ranks of new retail traders get their first taste of choppy markets

• Two big NYSE direct listings could pave the way for more, but the exchange suffers a setback on its plan to allow such listings to raise capital

• Euronext homes in on Borsa Italiana as the EU restarts the antitrust probe that put the Italian exchange up for grabs

• Erstwhile market-structure combatants come together to fend off bigger rivals pushing a financial transaction tax in the New Jersey statehouse

• A federal antitrust official again gins up worries about the government probing exchange data feeds

• Will the SEC bring open access and more transparency to US Treasuries trading by extending Regulation ATS and SCI to cover the giant market?

• Robinhood faces an SEC probe of its order-handling practices

• Financial-services firms look for more ways that artificial intelligence can knit together the remote workplace

• Regulators on both sides of the Atlantic pursue rules that would bring more certainty to cryptocurrency players

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