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August 31, 2020
  • Will the surge in retail trading last beyond when the ranks of new day traders start losing money?
  • Why both market participants and regulators should be concerned about record levels of dark, off-exchange market share
  • How Apple’s and Tesla’s pending stock splits might affect volume and, more importantly, market quality
  • Why an expected move back to long-term zero-rate policy might spell trouble for US equity volume
  • Bidders begin to circle Borsa Italiana, which LSE Group may sacrifice to EU antitrust authorities to save its proposed Refinitiv acquisition
  • CME launches an indirect attack on Cboe’s volatility derivatives franchise
  • Six years after US market-structure critics launched a crusade against complexity, it’s more abundant than ever, with a controversial new order-type winning approval and several exchanges set to launch
  • Despite recent court setbacks, the SEC continues to try to limit exchanges’ power to raise market-data fees
  • NYSE’s plan to let companies raise capital in direct listings gets the green light from regulators

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