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April 30, 2020

- A surge of retail trading helps off-exchange market share set records

- The industry examines revisions to market-wide circuit breakers

- Two challengers to major US stock exchanges put off their launches, citing pandemic concerns

- Questions about whether funky ETF mechanics contributed to the bottom dropping out of the oil market

- Nasdaq gains approval to dramatically shrink the minimum resting time for its Midpoint Extended Life Order

- NYSE, Nasdaq and a group representing regional brokers push back against sweeping SEC reforms to consolidated tape plans

- France contemplates extending short-selling restrictions, despite evidence such bans can be counterproductive

- As European regulators contemplate changes to MiFID II, the buy side voices disapproval of how the reforms affected dark trading

- Asset managers continue to adopt MiFID II unbundling practices outside the EU

- How the pandemic will reshape financial technology

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