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March 31, 2020
  • Why the Wall Street Journal’s St. Patrick’s Day piece blaming recent volatility on algorithmic trading would have been better suited to April Fool’s Day
  • Market infrastructure holds up well in the face of historic highs in volume and volatility
  • The NYSE opens - without its vaunted trading floor - for the first time in its 228-year history
  • SIX Swiss Exchange moves closer to acquiring Spain’s BME as Euronext withdraws
  • LSEG commits to staying on schedule, despite pandemic disruption, for its planned acquisition of data giant Refinitiv
  • How pandemic response is delaying much of what’s on the current regulatory agenda
  • Does the SEC’s latest action on IEX’s controversial D-Limit order type bring it one step away from disapproval?
  • Major markets appear to be mostly resisting the urge to ban short sales and close markets amid pandemic-related volatility
  • Why COVID-19-related physical distancing measures may be putting the brakes on big artificial-intelligence projects in finance
  • Regulators again dash the hopes of crypto buffs angling for a Bitcoin ETF

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