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January 31, 2020

• A UK FCA study suggesting that “latency arbitrage” is costing investors $5 billion per year globally

• How the more than four-decade path to zero retail commissions provides a road map for how policymakers should approach today’s brokerage-industry margin crunch

• Private equity firms stockpile even more cash, portending IPO-market weakness for years to come

• A change in how the US Department of Labor releases market-moving data

• Two years after SEC staff first cleared it, the Commission finally approves Cboe Market Close to compete with listing-exchange closing auctions

• An SEC advisory committee recommends new disclosures regarding exchange transaction-fee tiers

• Cboe joins big-exchange-group peers NYSE and Nasdaq in proposing reforms that could bring compromise to the market-structure wars

• SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson announces he’ll step down next month, presaging potentially wider-ranging turnover that could fundamentally alter the agency’s direction

• French regulators, in an official report, take a dim view of EU rules separating research and execution payments

• Financial institutions look for the next great leap forward for artificial intelligence

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