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August 24, 2018

Among the stories we cover this month are:

  • ICE announces a new, ambitious cryptocurrency venture
  • Why the New York Times’ take on the declining ranks of public companies misses the mark
  • Growing scrutiny on the fees charged by order-management systems leading to consolidation in that industry
  • Expectations for the London Stock Exchange Group’s new boss as he takes over for successful dealmaker Xavier Rolet
  • An SEC commissioner sounds off on exchanges’ self-regulatory status
  • How exchanges might recoup any revenue lost to a potential SEC pilot placing stricter controls on their transaction fees
  • Growing debate in Europe about whether tweaks to MiFID II’s new trading rules are needed
  • How Europe’s new commission-unbundling rules are roiling the investment-research business
  • A big prop-trading firm’s venture into dealing directly with customers in the US Treasury market
  • The latest on how banks, brokers and asset managers are using artificial intelligence

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