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European Securities Volumes

August 13, 2021
  • Average daily value traded fell 11.26% m/m in July to €60.53 billion.
  • Volatility rose, with the VSTOXX average daily close up 10.12% m/m to 19.30, and the FTSE 100 IVI up 4.14% m/m to 16.92.
  • Lit books (+555 bps m/m), systematic internalizers (+44 bps m/m) and periodic auctions (+24 bps m/m) gained market share. Over-the-counter trading (-530 bps m/m), closing auctions (-47 bps m/m), dark MTFs (-29 bps m/m) and opening auctions (-17 bps m/m) all lost market share.
  • Cboe DXE (EU) posted the largest m/m gain in pan-European on-venue market share. SIX Swiss Exchange and Turquoise Plato (EU) lost the most.
  • Euronext Brussels and Euronext Paris gained the most market share in their home indexes. SIX Swiss Exchange saw the steepest decline.

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