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European Securities Volumes

June 10, 2021
  • Average daily value traded dropped 3.99% m/m (+6.20 y/y), to €69.96 billion.
  • Volatility rose, with the VSTOXX average daily close up 15.94% m/m (+16.23% y/y), to 20.48, and the FTSE 100 IVI up 16.23% m/m (-37.74% y/y), to 18.22.
  • Closing auctions (+123 bps m/m), lit trading (+68 bps m/m) and over-the-counter trading activity (+6 bps m/m) gained market share. Systematic internalizers lost the most share (-142 bps), followed by dark MTFs (-28 bps), periodic auctions (-22 bps m/m) and opening auctions (-6 bps m/m).
  • Borsa Italiana (+83 bps) and Deutsche Börse (+68 bps) posted the largest m/m gains in pan-European on-venue market share. SIX Swiss Exchange (-102 bps m/m) lost the most.
  • Euronext Lisbon (+509 bps m/m, PSI 20), Nasdaq Stockholm (+425 bps m/m, SE 30) and Nasdaq Helsinki (+317 bps m/m, FI 25) gained market share in their home indices. Only SIX Swiss Exchange (-190 bps m/m, CH 20) and the London Stock Exchange (-8 bps m/m, FTSE 250) saw declines.

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