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Canadian Trading Monthly

November 11, 2018

•             The 179equities listed in both Canada and the US had average daily volume across bothcountries of 589.8 million shares in October, up 20.15% m/m

•             Of thistotal, 290 mn (49.2%) traded in the US (+11.98% m/m) and 299 mn (50.8%) inCanada (+29.31% m/m), compared with a 52.8%-47.2% US-CAD split in September

•             Octoberwas the first month in our five years tracking inter-listed volume that Canadahad greater than 50% market share

•             AuroraCannabis joined the inter-listed universe on October 23, but its surging volumeremained mostly north of the border, driving Canada’s record market share

•             Market-wideADV, including single-listed names 6.37% m/m (+44.10% y/y), to 1.28 billion

•             Dark-poolmarket share fell 20 bps m/m (+90bps y/y), to 7.81%

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