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Gunnar LovelaceGood Money

Gunnar Lovelace

Founder & CEO
Good Money

Growing up poor with a single mom as Latino immigrants left Lovelace with a burning desire to create wealth and do good.  As a result, he is a 5X serial entrepreneur and investor focused on social impact at scale (people, planet + profit). His most recent company Good Money, is a conscious mobile banking platform that is democratizing ownership to all customers for the first time in history. He is also the Founder of Thrive Market, which offers organic groceries online at wholesale prices. Prior to Thrive Market, he started and sold two technology companies (Ego X & Cognition) and is a cofounder of two successful conscious consumer brands (Love Heals & Goddess Delivers). Lovelace recently co-founded Alliance for Good  as a community of influencers working together to create a thriving future for humanity and the planet.


Good Money

Good Money is a conscious digital banking platform providing best-in-class banking and financial services, while democratizing ownership to its customers for the first time in history and directing 50% of profits to impact. We're the first banking platform powered by the people, in service of the planet.