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Brandon KriegStash

Brandon Krieg

Co-Founder & CEO

Brandon Krieg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stash - the financial platform revolutionizing the way millions of Americans save and invest for their future. Brandon has been recognized by Goldman Sachs as one of 2018’s “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs,” and Stash was highlighted by Forbes’ “Fintech 50 2018”  as well as the Wall Street Journal as one of the "Top Tech Companies to Watch in 2018." Prior to Stash, Brandon spent +15 years in financial services, most recently at Macquarie Securities Group.



Stash is a digital-first financial services company committed to making saving and investing accessible to everyone. By breaking down barriers and building transparent, technology-driven products, Stash helps the 99% build smarter financial habits so they can confidently save more, grow savings, and enjoy life. The product suite includes Personal Brokerage, Retirement Accounts, Custodial Accounts and Banking Services.